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Hey gore freaks, good news! (sorta)

So, if you are visiting here, that’s awesome!  As you can tell, this website is a stark contrast to what in the hell we had going before.  This is semi-through intention but also through a comedy of errors!

I’ve been posting that we were reformatting for awhile now.  Well, this is true, but whilst in the process some shit went tits up.  We were having serves issues.  Then, after some updates we lost everything!  Because, that’s awesome.  Anyways, this ISN’T the reformation I have been hinting at.  But, at the same time, it will be an upgrade and serve as a huge benefit to you!

See.  NAILJAR RECORDS is meant as an outlet to serve the most grindy, gorey, horror filled sickness you metal heads deserve.  Originally, we tried to use big label principals on smaller bands: giving them loads of support and really taking the time, effort, and money needed to help grow certain artists.  Although, this has worked on a small scale in theory, it is beyond apparent, that what we set out to do, was not met with the same enthusiasm by certain outlets we explored.  This has been a huge and costly learning curve, some of the original bands are still on board, and we can do nothing but applaud them for there efforts.  But, what it comes down to…  Press outlets and the media still won’t concern themselves with groups who aren’t releasing steadily / touring constantly.

Although our mission remains the same – spreading the gore to the masses.  We have decided that an overhaul was needed.  We will be spending the next chapter of our existence doing more releases from a wide variety of artists versus pinpoint precision focus on a few.  This is in no means a watered down / sell out version of our former selves.  This will in fact help us expose a lot more talent to those looking for it.  Instead of being ‘band focused’, we will opt to become ‘release focused’.  So instead of sinking a shit pot of money into releases, tours, videos, and press on only a couple of bands a year, we will focus on promoting albums released by bands that we think are cool and who have the thirst to actually go out and tour, make videos, and do everything to promote themselves.

This might seem redundant or based in semantics,  but we still pride ourselves on our brand and logo.  Instead of demanding exclusive releases on our behalf, we have been releasing albums with other kick ass labels.  Instead of severe narrow pathed releases, we have started and teamed up with multiple bands to do split albums.

It is important to note that our integrity still will not be compromised, and every time you see the ‘Nailjar Records’ logo on an album… You know it will crush the shit out of you.

Eventually the goal is to return to form, and really invest in a handful of bands that are hell bent on giving up everything to tour, release, promote, and what have you.  But at the same time, in our view, there are too many kick ass bands that deserve recognition for musical integrity that just aren’t interested in touring, branding, and all the other stuff we demanded before.

As the consumer, you are about to benefit so hard.  As a bands, you will be exposed to our world wide distribution network.  I personally am super excited for this new angle of Nailjar Records!

I am expressing everything here very candidly.  I’ve been skirting some issues recently, until everything had time to unfold.  But, I truly believe now is the time and place to air out everything.

The final piece of the puzzle.

It is our ultimate goal to team up with some friends who are hungrily / passionately involved in the same mode of thought.  The one trick… The quirky piece left…  Our goal at this point is to really sink our teeth into a few bands, and carry on Nailjar Records the way we started.  Which, overall is the expectation of giving goregrind, gorenoise, slam, deathmetal artists the ‘rock star treatment’.  At the same time handing over all sales / storefront activity to a distribution service that will handle all sorts of genres.  Not just the gore we are involved in, but every genre catering to the underground.  So, while we briefly handle a new and improved mail order distro, at the same time we will be helping and supporting an upstart distribution network for underground metal, grind, gore, noise, punk, and hopefully cinema.  Our hope is that this will compound our efforts to help support the niche of goregrind in America!

Thanks for your time in reading this.

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