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Welcome back to!

I know for most of you this has been a hotspot for picking the hottest titles in goregrind and what have you. I promise that it will return to that! At the moment we have been going through some server changes and the like. I am confident that the sickest of the gore will return! Things have been shitty as fuck around here lately, and I apologize. Much has been out of out control. However, we have been in contact with some of the most sickest bands on this rock named earth. I promise you, we shall not disappoint with our catalog / distribution. You want sick gore as fuck grind! Why look anywhere else in the US!

Shipping prices have been a little weird lately. But, until we confirm absolute shipping perfection we will be offering a PayPal refund… If the shipping charged to you is more than the shipping charged to us, we will refund the difference! So far, everything has been going smoothly with the new website. However, if you experience difficulty, we are trying hard – step by step – to eliminate problems!

And we hope you will continue to help support the sickest label in the US!